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That said, a bit of preparation before you arrive to the country can also be helpful to line up a few dates during a short stay, and WhatsApp is an even better way to keep in touch through text and voice messages as well as pictures and videos. Generally speaking, Dominican women are used to men that are always in good shape, with handsome looks and a good dress sense, and if you want her to take notice of you, then you have to take care of yourself.

Work out, be stylish, shave regularly and put on cologne. While the Dominican accent is noticeably different from what you were taught in eighth grade Spanish, going the extra mile to learn and practice it through Pimsleur Spanish is totally worth it because it will improve your chances of getting the right girl.

Like most Latin American women, Dominican ladies are quite partial to dancing and they really love a man who enjoys being on the dance floor with them. In the Dominican culture, family is everything, and Dominican ladies place their families first before their relationships with men. The Dominican Republic has a diverse assortment of women from different races, cultures and nationalities, and while most have curvy bodies, there are also slender girls that like to show off their long legs with short skits and shorts.

Dominican women are also quite partial to tight-fitting clothes and bikinis, which is fitting because the climate agrees with this type of dress code as well. A good place to start would be to familiarize yourself with the people you interact with every day, like the staff at your favorite restaurant, or the guy at your car service dealership.

Going to night clubs is probably not the best idea if you want to meet classy women in the Dominican Republic. As a matter of fact, most Dominican women go to night clubs with a group of friends, which may include guys, so it can be quite difficult to even approach a girl in a club situation. So rather stick to casting your net during the day time, and some of the best places to meet girls during the day include the gym, some of the big shopping malls and popular street cafes. Unique towns like Punta Cana possess beautiful architecture and a unique culture that makes for an unforgettable stay, while its women are considered as some of the most attractive and friendliest in all of Latin America.

Skip to content The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful, vivacious and interesting women in the whole of Latin America. I just don't trust her.

I told her the truth about my past and that I dated a Dominican girl before. She told me she never dated an American, then later I found out she dated two, however, she claims the gringos lived there and a gringo has never came from the USA just to meet her. That does not even matter to me so I have no idea why she lied about that. It does not excuse the lie she told me and I feel there have been many other small lies as well. I did fall for her like a dummy or perhaps, fell in lust and not love but too many red flags.

Congrats on wising up amigo! Bueno suerte con su Nuevo chicas. Yes, I said chicas. Relax, have a drink, a fine one will come along. By the way, in the 90's I fell into the same trap. Breath easy, it is a new day.

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Have to agree with Bob on this one and you would be wise to follow his advice! Those of us who been around a bit, seen this kind of crap all over the world. Always recall years ago in Thailand when I used to go to local Post Office. There were tons of "bar girls" with pile of letters in their hands waiting to post them all over the world.

Please come back soon my one and only one,,but please send some money at once by Western Union, my mother needs hospital. Never ceased to amaze me how stupid some people are,, often older guys who should know better, Bit of sunshine and a beach,bit of Hanky Panky and they leave their brains at home..

Some lost everything their houses, all their money and ended up back home ruined- and alone.. But can happen in reverse too, when I lived in Tunisia some years back, noticed a lot of older women. Aint love a wonderful thing? Darlin you need to run and run fast. You are getting conned. Most of what she is telling you is one big LIE!!!! Dump her and move on. You said the key word amigo If there is no trust, then there is nada!

As far as not asking you for money, sometimes they will hold off on that as to not scare you off, then eventually reel you in for the big pay day! Like Gypsy and Bob said Go with your gut feeling, if she will lie about little things, she will lie about the bigger stuff as well. Everyone else thank you for posting responses to my questions and sharing your own personal experience. This has been very enlightening to know that I am not being paranoid as she says I am. Thanks to you all I really appreciate it. I'm moving on from this and on to bigger and better things. And they are rampant here including HIV and Aids my friends I've used them witout fail for the last 40 years, even when I was married.

Already had a grown son, didn't want any more kids or possible diseases. No raincoat, no sex. Certainly not in the DR. There are some other things to be aware of. Yes I'm using a raised voice for emphasis.

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  6. That entails dating her at safe distance for many months if not more until you can judge her character properly. Dating at safe distance means: NEVER let any woman or any person actually know how much money you have. Acting like you're poorer than you truly are would be best. For Dominicans, all gringos are rich. By their standards we are, but they can suck you dry pretty fast.

    Don't forget also that as soon as you are living permanently with a lady, in the local culture you are "casado". That means you must take care of all financial needs your lady may have. That implies much more than feeding her with pollo guisado, guineo and rice twice a day. Soon enough you may find yourself being asked to pay her medical bills, studies and what not. Will you leave your beloved girlfriend uninsured for health? Nooo, you have a heart don't you? So you'll insure her. Then her mom, dad, sisters, brothers and children if she has some.

    On top of that, if anyone in her relatives needs to pay for medical care, dental care, glasses, car and house repair, school fees, etc. Dominicans have LOTS of close relatives. You're only one "rich" gringo against one hundred dirt poor people.

    What You Should Know About Dating a Dominican Girl

    So if you're gonna pay for everything for everybody, at least make sure you're doing it for a woman who truly loves and respect you, and has the potential to be your wife. We need more of these discussions on this site I enjoyed every word! I think it's a matter of luck, a result of poor decisions, and bad choices done in life. The positive thing of this is what one can learn from it. Individuals like this one in particular can be found everywhere, either in a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd word country with some similarities and differences, and not because I met someone untrustworthy in a particular country, I will say that everyone from that country is untrustworthy too because is unfair and unreal.

    The economic situation and the rampant social exclusion in DR is forcing the population in need to do those things as a form of subsistence, who really knows. Something even more regrettable is seeing individuals born in a so called developed country with all the opportunities in life opting for the easiest way of living like prostitution, white collar crime, drug trafficking and dealing, etc. It is a common practice to highlight the social problems of the most poor societies and generalize to make us feel vainly superiors, but we avoid talking about our own social issues in our first world homeland, where racism and xenophobia is almost institutionalized, government corruption is part of the every day entertainment in Canada, aboriginal exclusion can be compared to the Apartheid in South Africa.

    Also if we really want to know the real difference between settlers and invaders we must hear what the Aborigines have to say about the land they lost because of our predecessors. I have been lucky enough to meet great people in D. The present life we are living is the result of the decisions we have taken in the past.

    Who am I to judge? I'm am not saying that there aren't some really good women in this country, but I have found that more and more women have found that it is easy to do what I call the "short con" than to be in a committed relationship with you. I have found that some women here have made it a business to have 3 or 4 foreigners to support them and their families and have their real boyfriend in the Dominican Republic.

    That tells me they are worried about the chance that I can visit and find out what they are really about. So my friend my advice to you is too use your intuition and go with your gut instinct. Hello, I've been spending a lot of time here over the last 6 years and I had a Dominican girlfriend for 3 years and that didn't go very well. Trust your instincts, if she's lying to you when you are there, what's happening when your not there?

    The vast majority of Dominican girls think gringos are walking bank machines, ever need to Boca Chica or Sosua?

    Girls from all over the country are weekend prostitues, for them it's easy money, if your not giving your girl money, she's getting it somewhere Hey frost bite, I will have to disagree when you say that girls from all over the country are prostitutes because it's definitely not true, or would you like someone to say that ALL foreigners like you living in the country are pedophiles? Ok probably enough of this beaten to death topic.

    My little head is getting a headache from this already BObK. Dude, I didn't say all the girls here are prostitues, I said girls come from all over the country, on the weekends to try to get some easy money, I have met many wonderful ladies here that are not in the game, however, many of the prostitues are students or have boyfriends and some are even married, just try to take there picture and you will see, lots of part time and full time chicas in this country.

    Some of the girls don't want to work and enjoy the party life style, many of them are uneducated and can't find work, but the vast majority of the " chicas " are the main read winners of the family, they don't have a lot of options. Hola como va everyone has valid points. My humble heart felt take is you don't really lose the girl oft times you just lose your turn.

    There are also two songs I implore you to listen to as well, 1.

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    The World is Filled with Pimps and Whor.. Give Me One More Chance. Both songs are by Biggie. Basically keep it moving. I say this for the women as well. In parting "Breathe Easy and Laugh a Lot. Hi everybody, Everything has been said here and the situation is getting more and more out of control. I am therefore closing this topic straightaway. By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy.

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