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And while he's quite talented, I doubt he can affect the British judicial system from Richmond. Lestrade had hoped Sherlock would get bored and abandon the whole internet-boyfriend-from-Canada business. They heard that a lot now. If John was here. John would smote the ground and out would spring their murderer, already handcuffed and paperwork complete. It had been going on for months. It was getting to the point where Lestrade twitched every time he heard the name "John.

He's never been real! He's someone you made up so the rest of us think you're more human or something! I do so enjoy listening to your attempts at logic. Lestrade led Sherlock to a quiet corner. Sherlock glared at him, an odd mix of defiant and apprehensive. I'm sure John exists.

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But Sherlock," Lestrade took care to gentle his tone, "do you know him? He's a doctor, formerly of the Canadian Forces Medical Services. He's terrible with technology and he-". Sherlock made a disgusted sound. I couldn't care less what he looks like. The internet can hide a lot about a person. No one can deduce everything from some e-mails and a blog.

For a split second, Sherlock looked stricken.

He quickly regained his usual impassivity, but Lestrade could see the beginnings of doubt flickering in his eyes. Or he might be some kid playing you for fun, or a lonely old woman. The point is, you can't know. Not in this sort of situation. It was a much more subdued Sherlock who returned to the crime scene. He solved the case with his usual efficiency and without his usual acerbic wit.

Hudson answered the door.

Lestrade made his way back to New Scotland Yard, feeling a small swell of relief. It looked like Sherlock had actually listened to him for once and was getting his life back on track. Lestrade didn't see Sherlock for another month. Not until a particularly strange triple homicide had him texting Sherlock with, "Get your arse over here or I'm handing the entire thing over to Dimmock.

Sherlock bounded on to the scene, coat flapping dramatically behind him. Lestrade's greeting died in his throat as a short, stocky blonde man followed him in. He was dressed in jeans and a canvas military jacket, and was watching the goings on with mild interest.

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Donovan looked up from where she was crouched over the body, surprise evident on her features. Lestrade shook it, more out of reflex than anything because his mind had conveniently crashed like a shoddy Microsoft product. All activity had stopped. Everyone was too busy staring at the man to do their jobs. Lestrade would have yelled at them, except his brain still had yet to reboot. If adults are posing as teenagers in order to infiltrate these teenage fandom spaces for the purposes of targeting children for abusive purposes, that is illegal.

AO3 is not a haven for real-life pedophiles. There is also not a huge body of massively underage fanfic being written. I have searched up and down and cannot find the post that explains this in detail. I believe this whole current drama springs from younger fans learning about Strikethrough without understanding its context. There is nothing wrong with explicit underage fanfics. Fictional characters do not exist. They do not have a body, or feelings, or thoughts. The concept of consent of fictional characters is meaningless. Are…are you really defending pedophillia?

The fetishization of underage people absolutely is a problem. Real or not, fiction does have real life repercussions and does not exist in a vacuum. One of those is criticism from other fans calling out your work for something harmful. I think another thing people forget is that AO3 is still in its infancy. It not run by any company and has its bugs and issues. They hold donation pools every so often as to raise money to keep the site running. And there are people who will also move around that system by: But remember that you are not required to look at it and its existence will not kill you.

Learn to recognize the difference between fiction and reality. I remember, years and years ago, when I first tried to get into Tumblr. I left because of the dogpiling , and only came back because there was almost no one left in my old fandom environments on LJ. It became a website centered around individual people, and BNFs thrive here for a reason. I absolutely loathe some types of content myself, e.

Back when it was the biggest, shiniest archive around, a controversy arose over if mature content should be allowed, and if slash should be allowed. That is what they fought for, and that was what they got. A lot of the writers and their allies went to AO3 for the—as vulgarweed said—safe space it offers for writers. LJ, in many ways, set the standard for online privacy in a way that was far ahead of its time.

Friendslocked journals were the norm rather than the exception and many, many communities disallowed anonymous commenting. But LJ, on the whole, was much, much better at self-policing than FF. N, all of your stuff was out in the open. It was just there. Anyone could read it, anyone could report it. And then Warriors for Innocence appears. WfI existed before strikethrough , and they existed after, but they made their mark on fandom when they reported upwards of journals, most of them fan journals and communities, to LJ.

The theory runs as follows: Compounding this, 6A is already trying to clean up the famdomier aspects of LJ. WfI brings 6A a perfect hit list, and 6A goes to work. Hope you had backups. But have never quite seen a great speculation on why Tumblr is such a fucking walnut of a place for fandom discussions aside from just formatting, and this does a pretty reasoned job of looking at that too. Strikethrough was the LJ equivalent of an overnight book-burning - and the books contained not just stories. Not even by friends-of-friends, like on Facebook - just friends.

October 15, Medium: Tumblr text posts Fandom: Tumblr censorship; safe spaces , abuse External Links: Tumblr is a very different site and that, moreso than age differences, seems to be at the root of this — though of course age intersect with site experience in a non-trivial way. If you have issues with this, and the fact that Ao3 requires you to have responsibility and agency, then you seriously need to sit down and have a damned good long hard look at yourself.

Apart from the fact that there are published works dealing with explicit sex scenes among young adults and teenagers and I never see them brought down for it, which is quite the double standard… If my grown-ass fandom adult story is properly tagged as a grown-ass fandom adult story then sorry, those teenager OPs should have never read it in the first place and no, at that point their consumption of media not intended for their age-range is not my responsibility. The world is complex and there are no easy answers. It motivated me to dig a little deeper into my pocket to donate on the last drive.

Modern fandom generation that grew up on Tumblr , more or less, has never had to fight for its own space, has never had to fight for said creative freedom. I have to say I prefer the ff. Now their hands are tied about it because they had decided to do a censorship-free website. No one is coming at you for your questionable kink , which is what you all seem afraid of. They are saying that they feel grossed out and unsafe.

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Not calling each other out on this stuff? He heard a slight chuckle over the line. God this was awkward. More importantly, someone he as interested in. Are you up for my offer? He put it in his pocket an began typing. Dean woke up bright and early, he happily cooked breakfast for him and his brother, whistling away while to one of his favorite songs as he flipped pancakes and scrambled eggs. We got the power, got the glory, just say you need it and if you need it.

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Dean placed a plate full of eggs and pancakes in-front of him. Just felt like cooking breakfast. Usually he was propped up half awake on the couch on early Sunday mornings, hair a mess still sitting in his boxers and T-shirt. Dean swallowed his food making a slight gulp.

He liked the sound of his name shortened like that. His voice practically caused him to spill his coffee in his lap, "Oh, sorry for startling you love. His cheeks flushed red forgetting about the little accident that could have just happened. He looked down at him,bright white smile stretching across his face; light crows feet peeking out from the corners of his bright eyes. His eyes were even bluer in person. He had light stubble that littered his chin and cheeks, stretchering downs to his jaw.

Dean stood up taking it, to which he lifted his hand up kissing the top. Dean blushed furiously, "D-Dean Winchester.

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He sat back down, looking at Castiel coyly, his heart pounded and his hands began to sweat. He gulped, which he was sure Castiel heard because he chuckled slightly. Why the hell was he so nervous? He loosened the collar of his shirt shakily hoping it would help with dulling the lump forming in his throat. And the way Castiel was looking at him he was positive he knew.

Dean gulped, loud enough that he was sure Castiel heard, which his reaction showed he had. Chuckling lightly, "Relax Dean. Sure he has found men attractive in the past, he has had sex with them, so he was not new to that. He was just a bit nervous, he had never been interested in a man more than just a one night thing. Nor has he ever been on a date before, this was so new, exciting and scary. The dark haired man nodded, "What makes you feel uneasy? While I am just a grunt, I go day to day doing what I need to do in order to pay rent. Castiel pressed his lips together in thought, "So, you don't know me and you are already judging me?

You are perfect, while I am sort of a mess. Castiel nodded understanding him, "Well Dean, if it makes you feel any better I am most definitely a mess also. Dean shook his head, "I am not use to this whole dating thing. Dean nodded, "Partially because of how I am and my past and because I am not use to dating, so I don't really know what to do.

Castiel looked at Dean more seriously than he had before "Look, I like you, I don't care about your past, nor do I worry about the present, all that should matter is how we make our future, and I would very much like to see you more than just this one time. So with that being said, what ever you are telling yourself, stop. Because I am sitting across from a man who I would very much like to know. Don't let your doubts get in the way of us creating something magical. After everything I had just said?

The brunette looked into his eyes, smiling before he took a sip of his coffee. Along with the death of his father, the three of them were struck by an eighteen wheeler heading home helping their father out with a job when he was twenty-one landing Dean and a coma and his father brain dead. Castiel had told him about his house, how it was right up on the beach and how he wanted to get a kitten soon because he got lonely at night. He was very enthusiastic when he talked about the ocean, how the waves calmed him down when ever he was upset and that he collected seashells.

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Dean found that rather cute. He also told him about his family that he comes from a large one three older brothers, Lucifer, Micheal and Gabriel and a younger sister Anna. He told him he had written three novels and is working on his fourth, all of which were published and the fourth he gets the check when it is finished. He told him it was a better version of twilight, with a lot of smutty scenes, to which Dean chuckled, replying with the fact that he very much enjoys reading smut. Dean asked him out to dinner with his brother and Sam, and surprisingly he accepted it.